polyphonic ramblings 3

New month, new mix. It was a great month of live music. Here's a rundown of the stuff I've been listening to lately:

1. Umphrey's McGee - Eat: From moe.down 7, Umphrey's rocked the house. They were the highlight of the show for me. Here's their opening number, an ode to King Crimson.

2. Steve Kimock Band - Ice Cream: A peppy upbeat number from the master of tone. Off of his new studio album. His last touring band featured members from two other guys on this mix tape...

3. Robert Walter's 20th Congress - Cory's Snail and Slug Death: Robert Walter plays his hammond b3 with Steve Kimock. Here's a good piece of new orleans jazz.

4. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Slow Breath, Silent Mind: Reed Mathis, the bassist for this trio, also toured with Kimock. In JFJO, Reed can go from the classic foundation of a trio, or he kicks on his octave pedal and wails above the keyboardist. Here's a more traditional number.

5. U-Melt - Schizophrenia: OK, now buckle in for the next 30 minutes or so. The next two bands take their time and stretch tunes beyond 15 minutes. This groove from u-melt is one that stuck in my head at moe.down, and then when we saw them at higher ground last week.

6. Particle - Windjammer: A precursor to u-melt. The drumming is rock solid, laying down a beat to which a driving groove is established.

7. STS9 - GloGLI: A more techno-than-band group, live in Tokyo.

8. JFJO - ??: Here's the wilder side of Jacob Fred. Frippertronics, octave pedal bass, sweet.

9. toubab krewe - djarabi: jam band meets west africa. a pleasant surprise at moe.down


Video Time

Caution: Please put on protective equipment before viewing this campaign ad from Rebulican Vernon Robinson running against incumbent Democrat Mel Watt:

OK, now you can go to the decontamination station to your right.

I posted this for a reason, if you ask why: It's the straight dope from the right wing, unsullied by those who polish its language in the professional media (think of your "sensible conservatives" like those at the National Review and Weekly Standard). This is the root of what the right uses to exploit the fears of the poorer classes. This is what we fight against. Please folks, I hope you get to the polls. There is no higher calling right now than to change the tide of Congress. If the party in power approves this kind of ad, they to have their asses booted.

Link to info on all congressional and senatorial races


Link Dump

A lot of things are flying fast and furious in the news lately. From the revelations that Condi Rice had another pre-9/11 warning to Florida congremen having cybersex with underage boys while in session to yet another school shooting, it's all-out mayhem in our country right now. Some links I found today:

  • Billmon (who was supposed to go on hiatus) has a flashback and news items are starting to develop trails.
  • It's statistically proven that the NSA warrantless wiretapping program is useless for catching terrorists. This means that there has to be another reason for it, then, doesn't it?
  • A handy list of the recent list of Republican/conservative "family values" violators.
  • VT congressional candidate Martha Rainville (R) got caught plagarizing off of the web sites of Democrats.
  • And finally, The Poor Man reveals the IM logs he had with above-mentioned cybersexer Mark Foley (R-FL). It's all taken out of context, really. Check out this innocent excerpt:
Editorz (7:46:11 PM): yes I have to go do some hand modeling
Editorz (7:46:18 PM): because I am trying to break into the hand modeklling game
Editorz (7:46:22 PM): but it’s hard
Editorz (7:46:27 PM): I have to go audition for the girls who give out the hand model jobs
Maf54 (7:46:33 PM): did any girl give you a haand job this weekend
Editorz (7:46:42 PM): Noo because I was bitten by a radioactive reindeer the other day
Editorz (7:46:55 PM): and so im turning into a deer
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): are you
Editorz (7:47:11 PM): yes its awkward
Editorz (7:47:11 PM): and my hands are starting to look like hoofs
Editorz (7:47:11 PM): and that’s a disadvantage in the hand modeling biz
Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): good so your getting horny
Editorz (7:47:23 PM): no antlers
Editorz (7:47:24 PM): people think antlers are the same as horns
Editorz (7:47:24 PM): but their totally different