What he said...

From a Talking Points Memo reader, responding to Gov. Jindal's rebuttal to Obama's address last night:

The problem isn't government, it's Republican government - and everyone knows it.


25 Random Things

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1. I want to downsize my life. Ideally, this consists of selling the house, most of the stuff in it, and move back into a 1-bedroom apartment in Burlington.

2. Eventually, I want to build a small house in the middle of nowhere.

3. Regardless, I am a big gear head/tech geek. I fight the urge to buy new music equipment weekly.

3. I haven't had cable for about 5 years now. Don't miss it much. I do watch some TV using my bunny ears. I can get PBS, snow, or french-language Canadian channels.

4. I have studied kung fu for nearly 7 years. I am fairly proficient with a broadsword and a staff. Also know how to use a flute as a weapon.

5. I do not downhill ski very often anymore. It was all I wanted to do in high school, but a bad pair of boots has pushed me over to the cross-country side of things.

6. I keep a rather small circle of friends. The best time of year for friendship is when my high school friends come up to my family's camp.

7. I follow the professional starcraft gaming scene. It is the modern-day version of chess.

8. I am an unabashed food lover. I can also cook. Well. Really well. Sauces are my specialty.

9. I love to drink. Beer, wine, liquor, whatever. I don't discriminate. From Utica Club to Laphroaig 30 year old scotch, I love a good drink.

10. I have only purchased volkswagens for vehicles. Probably won't change, either. I love my Turbo Diesel Golf. My dream car is an 83 GTI.

11. I am about 25% of my way to being an Adirondack 46er. Been that way for a couple years now.

12. Music is a constant in my life. I need musical input througout the day. I go to shows about once every other month, I download a new album or live show a couple times a week, and am constantly bookmarking new artists on last.fm.

13. On a related note, I want to punch anyone who claims "music today sucks." Music today is better than it has ever been, thanks to the intertubes distributing music far and wide for free. Most of the people who say music today sucks only listen to commerical radio and have no idea what's going on in the real world of music.

14. Um, yeah. #13 demonstrated the next thing: I love a good rant. I read political blogs incessantly, and I pen a rant or two every few months on my own blog. I would love to go to DC to shout down the idiots that run the 3-ring circus that is our goverment.

15. I am an afficianado of Achewood, the web comic. I was Lyle for Haloween last year, but no one knew who I was.

16. I am a grammar nazi.  I became the default letter checker at my last two employers.  I am amused to think that ppl r rly saving time w their txt msgs by eliminating 25% of the letters they type.  It's probably mostly laziness.  I also chuckle at how many instances I see of people using apostrophes for plurals.  "Riccelli Trucking - Trucking at it's best" was emblazoned on about 100 trucks in the Syracuse area.

17. I am also a nazi when it comes to engineering drawings.  I was educated by an old-school drafter (started with pencils and graduated to AutoCAD 1.0 through v. 2009), and taught me what goes into a good set of drawings.  Since I left that office, no one that I've worked for has produced as good of a set of drawings as I used to.

18. I am not that much of a handyman.  Karen and I bought an old house thinking we'd be able to spruce it up, but I find that I get frustrated quickly.  It doesn't help that those who owned the place before us botched their work worse than I do...

19. I've only been west of the Mississippi once, for a college design contest.  I'm planning to make that twice when I go to see Eric.

20. I came pretty close to flunking out of college, with 2 C's, a D and 2 F's in the spring of sophomore year.  Following a re-thinking of priorities, I ended college on the Dean's list.

21. I love winter.  Part of the reason I moved to Vermont was to get more intense cold, and more intense snowfalls.  The capitol district just wasn't cutting it.  I don't want to see soggy, brown ground in early March.

22. I have a pretty good sense of direction.  Take to a place once, and I will likely be able to get there again without too much difficulty.

23. I have gone on an annual camping trip with my dad every year since the 7th grade.  There have been a few years when it was a chore, but now I look forward to it.  We've explored a lot of the canoeable areas of the northeast.

24. I have a tendency to lose stuff.  Part of the reason I don't wear a watch is because of my horrid track record losing watches (I still miss that calculator watch I lost in high school).  "Where are my keys?" is a common morning question Karen gets asked.  Boy is she patient.

25. I have turned into a cat person thanks to my college roommate's cat Kino.  Kino rocks, except for that time he sprayed onto my shoes.

I will not force anyone to do this on account of me tagging them. So there.