Today was a good day

Started to tackle our rotting roof, got a weedwhacker, donated blood,
drank a chilled yerba matte, planned the beer olympics, and harvested
our garden (need some green beans?)

Also, didn't have to use my AK...

Iraq's future

A prediction:

Listening to the news (o'hanlon commentating, the douchebag...) and
had a thought. Things are supposedly going really well, and the bush
administration is actually talking about withdrawral. However,
consider this:

Violence is down because we are paying hundreds of millions of dollars
to suuni ex-insurgents to kill al-Qaeda (search for the sons of Iraq).
The Shiite prime minister is negotiating long term deals with the
u.s., making his own power play.

Is the bush admin setting up a powder keg for a future president Obama
to preside over?



Just started playing the guitar again, after a longer break than I originally realized. That's because my left hand calluses are gone, sending me back to form them again. Ow.

The 'back-to-practice' thing is thanks to my new project: a fretless guitar. Took a $30 mini-classical (nylon string) guitar and pulled the frets off of it. Now it can make some dope glisses, very indian-sounding now.

Let's hope that my facebook blog thingie recognizes the returns in this post (ya, right)