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Sex With Ducks.


Cocktail Science

Let's get real anal when it comes to cocktails: let's debate what kind of ice is right for your Old-Fashioned:

The difference was startling. From the first sip, the drink with cheater ice was like a debased “cocktail lite,” with thin flavors and watery insipidness. The chunk ice yielded a richer taste, and had a denser, almost velvety texture to it. After five minutes, the cheater cocktail was deadly flat (“quite foul, actually,” decreed Rubel after a taste), while the drink with chunk ice seemed to be opening up and blossoming. Only after about 20 minutes had the second drink begun to soften around the edges.

I'm intrigued.


Tobacco Sampling List

If you want to start smoking a pipe, here are some good blends to try:

Pipe Lust


Required reading

On why newspapers are teh suck:


Camarillo-area greenhouses produce 21st century crops - Los Angeles Times

fooNeat article on the future of greenhouses. Don't know if they would be
applicable up here, but in sunny climates, good design.