The scene

First impressions of Denver:

Comimg from the airport, I see rill erosion on roadbanks,then some
nice erosion control blanket and hay bales. Hard to take the engineer
out of me, I guess. Cemented rip rap spillways for their storm ponds,
a twister of dust.

Denver's skyscrapers Pop out of the ground in front of the Rockies
like monoliths.

Walked from downtown (market square) to east 17th street in search of
coffee. A bit over a mile, enough to get winded in the mile high air.
Coffeeshop in an old house, mixed commercial/residential neighborhood.
Great feel, mediocre coffee. Got good tips for live jaZz this week.

From Denver

In Denver for a week to see my old high school friend. Got here fast,
both planes were ahead of schedule. Some guy took advantage of my good
nature and got $20 from me for an advocacy group (green energy). One
thing I didn't consider is that i'm in country music land now. Shit.
Off to see the Denver lunch scene.