Polyphonic Ramblings 5

Another mix from the realm of ambient/drone:

1. Running to the Ghost - James Blackshaw

2. All That Makes Us Human Continues - BT

3. Skindiving- James

4. Gwely Mernans -Alarm Will Sound

5. Low Clouds (1) James

6.Final -Deuter

7. Cliffs - Alarm Will Sound

8 Even (Out) + - Stars of the Lid

9. Mars Rain - James Bernard

10. Low Clouds (2) - James

11. Bottom Of The Well - James

12. Spirits Drifting - Brian Eno

So the game of chicken didn't work

...and now we're at square 1. Next time, can we think about this for more than a few days and hash all this out in public?

h/t jesse


Fwd: Fall is Here: Lost Meadow Cider Mill Opens September 13, 2008

Here's what I'm doing tomorrow, getting some delicious cider stock (see below) and attending a harvest fest. Fall in Vermont: does is get any more bucolic?

Lost Meadow Cider Mill will be open weekends this fall starting
September 13 and going until October 26. The mill is located off County
Rd in Calais, VT, two miles south of Maple Corner.

Fresh juice will be available for pickup Saturday or Sunday 12:00-6:00
PM or until it's gone. Call or email for directions. Sorry, the mill is
not open to the public during operation. If you need juice and can't
catch us on weekends or want us to reserve some, call and we'll work
something out [(802) 229-2004].

Sweet cider is available in our 1-gallon containers only for $5. Special
hard cider blends will be available by appointment for $7 per gallon this
year. We will also have our own vinegar for sale at the mill as well as the
odd bag of apples that we just didn't have the heart to put through the

Lost Meadow Cider Mill is located on Wheeler Road in Calais, VT; just off
County Road a couple miles south of Maple Corner or about seven miles from
the Main St rotary in Montpelier.

Lost Meadow Orchard and Cider Mill are run by Terry Bradshaw and his
family. Terry has been in the orchard business for fourteen years and
has made cider every one of them. His fermented ciders have won national
awards in American Homebrew Association-sanctioned events and have
developed a local following. These hard ciders are never for sale, but
he is always glad to show you how to make your own.


Some guy from the internet: his take on the bailout negotiations


I am not going to strive for eloquence or poetry. I am not going to back up my assertions, conjectures, paraphrased quotes or invective with links or citations. I am not going to spell-check beyond what I can catch as I sweep through and lay down words. I will fuck up homynyms.

The name is: I now hate John McCain.

I have not gotten much sleep this week. I am very tired.

I have watched approximately 100 hours of C-SPAN coverage this week collectively, concurrently watching the Senate and House on two televisions.

And yet, compared to many people, my job is extremely easy. I don't dig ditches, for instance.

I also am not a staffer for House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank. Today, they went to bed at around 5:30 in the morning because they had meetings in an attempt to cobble together a solution to the fucked up financial system of this country until 5 a.m.. This sleep, a sweet respite from a week of similarly late nights, was brief however. The meetings resumed at 8 a.m..

although numerous parties - particularly the Presidential campaigns - bloviated about the principles that they demanded be in the bill, the working copies of what was actually being negotiated included limits to compensation and 'golden parachutes', a bipartisan oversight board, equity in firms assisted by the plan and the possibility of lowering the scope of the bailout so that only a portion of the $700 billion would be advanced. The outraged statements about the bailout, the anger and panic they whipped up and the press-conference proposals were all directed at a version of the bill that had been immediately discarded.

It was all a coincidence of course that this agreement was announced before John McCain, whom I earnestly hate, could meet with the President, Barack Obama and other interested parties.

I hate John McCain. He is a contemptible person. I want to see him in pain.

John McCain had a remarkably bad day yesterday. It began with a desperate conference call in which his pollster tried to bluster away an ABC/W Post poll that showed him dropping 9 points back of Obama. It ended with David Letterman juggling his ripped off balls on the air while offering a squirming Keith Olbermann a bite. In between saw him delay responding to a effort by Obama to set up a joint statement because he was meeting with a baroness, an act of extreme personal cowardice to try and shirk the debate and tired negotiators telling him not to come to Washington because it would just fuck things up.

John McCain came to Washington.

John McCain fucked things up.

The one group of interested parties who have not fully been involved in the negotiations have been House Republicans. This is largely because they are a death cult who should be put to the flame by rational men. The proposal that the Republican Study Group, a conservative caucus that makes up slightly more than half of the full House Republican delegation, issued early in the week suggested that the key was to have a capital gains tax holiday for two years and to drill in ANWR. Clearly the financial crisis would be solved if banks and fund managers stopped paying taxes. The poor dears were holding toxic securities from all the worry that they'd have to contribute a cent to the upkeep of their nation. John Campbell, a contender for the chairmanship of the RSC in the next Congress, has probably completely killed off his chances by supporting the general idea of a bailout.

We do know that McCain (HOW FUCKING DARE HE) has single-handedly invalidated and trod over the incredibly difficult work of hundreds of people. People who are trying, in a totally thankless and anonymous way, to help save a part of their country.

I didn't hate him. Honestly, it was more about the Ds and the left-wing shit that is my heritage.

But I want to punch his fucking kids right about now. I want to scream at him until I pass out.

What a fucking dick.

Palin Overload

A bad week for Sara Palin. This post seemed to sum up my evolving feelings on the GOP VP nominee:

The mood over Sarah Palin is changing. Her political naysayers used to delight in her floundering her way through interviews (okay, that one interview with Charlie Gibson). They enjoyed pointing out her lack of credentials. But her interview with Katie Couric over the past two nights has elicited a different response — like cringing. No longer is there joy in Palin's struggles. Watching her has become like watching one of those hopeless singers trying out for American Idol: First you laugh. Then you laugh some more. Maybe after that you laugh a little bit more. And as the talentless contestant soldiers on, despite the judges' derision, it hits you that this person, despite their best efforts, doesn't even realize that they don't have what it takes. And that makes you kind of sad.

And hello facebook folks! I've finally learned how to migrate this blog over to that area.